October 7, 2022

Oliviana Bailey


Amsterdam, September 29th - the Hyperion Lab will be kicking off its third cohort of the Showcase Program on October 6th, 2022. The program mobilizes the European AI & HPC ecosystem to support scaling startups, and provides them with access to tech expertise, team coaching, business mentorship, and compute power. After its inception in 2021, the Showcase Program has supported 17 AI (Artificial Intelligence) & HPC (High Performance Computing) startups innovating across industries from Health to Smart Cities, MLOps to Agriculture. 

This third cohort is very important. It embodies the daring and socially conscious personality new startups must have, so these values can be designed in from the outset.” - Sana Khareghani, CSO at EscherCloud

When it all started.

The Hyperion Lab was born with a mission: to promote and facilitate innovation in AI and HPC technologies, with an eye towards European technological sovereignty, sustainability, and democratic principles. To see this vision come to life, the Lab created an innovation space in Southeast Amsterdam where the Dutch and wider European AI and HPC communities come together to collaborate and, ultimately, stimulate innovation.

The New Entrepreneurs.

The Hyperion Lab’s third cohort of AI & HPC startups are representative of a new kind of entrepreneur: resilient, dynamic, and daring. Their missions are built around social integrity, accessibility, and green development, and their business frameworks are structured around ethical and responsible AI. They consider more than just the use of their product, they consider how AI & HPC can be built in a socially responsible way, and how sustainable and advanced infrastructure can support the deployment of ethical and green AI. 

Demand  for  AI and HPC is growing exponentially. With access to increased compute and capacity, the potential impact of AI solutions is almost unlimited, and has the power to fundamentally change how any industry or sector operates. Ensuring that this change has a positive overall impact on our society and the environment means building up from strong, value-driven foundations. This is the vision of the new cohort, and this is what Hyperion Lab strives to achieve. 

Meet the new startups:

AGMAH - Eindhoven, Netherlands

AGMAH is an AI company on a mission to make Industrial Automation accessible, affordable and approachable. Their platform reduces the time taken from conceptualization to deployment and simplifies the creation of custom automation packages.

Cardiomo - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cardiomo is an innovative MedTech company that offers wearable continuous remote monitoring with an AI engine to deliver real-time, actionable insights to enable early detection of arrhythmias and early warning for heart diseases that prevent life threatening events and ensure better health through preventive care. 

Deeploy - Utrecht, Netherlands

Deeploy is an MLOps Platform enabling the manageability, accountability and explainability of Machine Learning models. Deeploy is made by and for data scientists to deploy their models with confidence, bringing Machine Learning to production responsibly, making every decision traceable.

Polysurance - London, United Kingdom

Polysurance is the leading provider of computer vision-based telematics for the insurance industry. Polysurance's machine learning algorithms analyze video footage captured by a dash cam, providing insurers with data they need to make more informed decisions.

Skinive - Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Skinive is a Deep Learning company that offers Skin Health AI Tracking & Assessment Apps using smartphone cameras. This technology helps improve early diagnosis and diagnosis precision. 

BrainCreators - Amsterdam, Netherlands

BrainCreators is solving the growing scarcity of human visual inspectors by transferring their skills to digital inspectors through AI, and putting these capabilities to work across as many industries as possible.

Purple Gaze - Utrecht, Netherlands

Purple Gaze is building the AI platform for detecting neural biomarkers using eye movements. Their multidisciplinary team of brain scientists, engineers and MedTech entrepreneurs works at the intersection of neuroscience, AI and Digital Health.

Seenons - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Seenons uses clean technology and smart logistics to bring everyone in the waste chain together, to save waste! Their platform and handy app matches recyclable business waste (where possible) with companies that can give it a second life.

Resilient founders & foundations

Resilience is increasingly a cornerstone of our response to the climate crisis, and so it is also a component of building green AI. It ensures that communities, ecosystems, companies, and individuals are able to thrive under constantly changing conditions, and that their vision is long-term by nature. This leads to more sustainable and accessible solutions, needed now more than ever. 

Building resilience starts at the foundation: in system design, in preventative tools and in community inclusion. While we can’t stop crises from happening, we can find ways to use technology to anticipate impact and help with recovery. We need to shift from a reactive to a proactive approach, developing tools that respond efficiently to the new rising needs of society. In this new process, moral and ethical principles are imperative. That’s why this third cohort is so important. It embodies the daring and socially conscious personality new startups must have. 

If you would like to showcase your own startup at Hyperion Lab in the next program, learn more and apply at https://www.hyperionlab.nl/showcase. Are you on the lookout for a space for your related AI or HPC event? Contact the team at info@hyperionlab.nl  

About Hyperion Lab

Hyperion Lab is an AI accelerator and immersive collaboration space to co-create the future. The lab facilitates direct access to EscherCloud hardware and services for the AI community and it has the ambition to be a birthplace of AI innovation.


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