September 21, 2022

OMRT secures Series A funding

Amsterdam, September 21st 2022. On September 8th, one of our current showcasing startups, OMRT announced the closing of a €5M Series A investment. OMRT creates technologies that shorten the design process for real estate development while also  increasing financial yields and reducing the environmental footprint of a building. The capital injection will be used to bolster its technologies and scale the organisation to serve a growing number of customers.

Vision to tackle the housing crisis

OMRT was founded by Andreja Andrejevic and Jasper Spiegeler in 2018–both featured in Forbes 30 under 30–and is driven by the urgent need for society to tackle the housing crisis in a sustainable manner. The startup began with the vision of restoring balance to our habitats by providing technology that can predict how we need to design and shape our world. OMRT’s ambitious team of 30 has already made a significant impact on the market, with over 30,000 homes designed to date. Yet there is still a major challenge ahead for the industry to tackle the housing demand in a sustainable manner. 

Technology that revolutionises the design process

The construction sector is now responsible for 40% of global CO₂ emissions and has a substantial effect on our environment and biodiversity. OMRT works to revolutionise the design process and improve the sector’s sustainability by enabling its customers to make critical design decisions early on and take sustainability metrics into account from the start.  

Investment to double down on high impact technology

Speaking on the announcement, OMRT founder & tech executive Andreja Andrejevic said: “This investment proves a certain maturity of our technology and gives us the confidence to continue pursuing our vision. We have to keep pushing our boundaries as a company in order to make the most impact as we are facing the immense challenge of implementing our platform at the core of every building design.” 

With this Series A funding, OMRT will expand its team, further develop its platform, and double down on the deployment of its highest-impact technologies. The capital will enable continued progress toward a sustainable solution to the housing crisis by helping OMRT bring their technology to a wider market. The end result of this is a more efficient design process that allows for significant reductions in material usage and CO₂ emissions.

Hyperion Lab is very proud to see our startups achieve milestones this big, and would like to congratulate OMRT on their success! As a promoter of green AI, we’re proud to see OMRT revolutionising the construction sector, accelerating its transition to an optimised, sustainable building environment.


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