May 19, 2022

Oliviana Bailey

Hyperion Lab Launches in collaboration with NVIDIA and EscherCloud

Powered by NVIDIA and EscherCloud, Hyperion Lab is an innovative space bringing together a vibrant ecosystem to accelerate green AI and HPC. Hyperion Lab will provide a dynamic, physical space with NVIDIA and EscherCloud hardware and expertise to support European and local Dutch AI and HPC communities to collaborate, experiment, and learn.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 7th:

Hyperion Lab, in collaboration with NVIDIA and EscherCloud, will open its doors to the AI and HPC community for the first time next week. It will host promising AI and HPC startups every6 months to showcase the latest technologies across industries. In addition, for the first 6 months, the lab will offer free space and support to AI and HPC initiatives for events, training, and meet-ups, to build its partner ecosystem.

The lab aims to be the go-to place for international AI andHPC technologies to come together as it scales from one floor at StARTwell, a mixed hub located in Amsterdam-Southeast, to a large area development in thefuture smart city plans of Amsterdam-Southeast over the next several years.

“We are opening the Hyperion Lab to bring together the greatest minds and technologies to tackle climate change related challenges. And while there are numerous initiatives in the Netherlands to help connect the AI ecosystem, the focus is typically on startup and corporate collaborations, often overlooking many other challenges in the supply chain of building and implementing sustainable AI solutions. NVIDIA andEscherCloud will help address these challenges at Hyperion Lab,” said Oliviana Bailey, Head of Community andBrand at EscherCloud and Ambassador for Women in AI Netherlands.  
"The world's most complex problems are being tackled by AI and HPC," said Carlo Ruiz, EMEA director, AI DataCenter Solutions and Operations at NVIDIA. "NVIDIA's collaboration onHyperion Lab with EscherCloud, along with the NVIDIA Inception program, accelerates AI and HPC transformation by enabling innovation. With EscherCloud and NVIDIA’s cooperation, participating startups can leverage a high-performanceAI R&D environment for their initiatives, building game-changing applications instead of wrestling with platform complexity."


Meet the first 8 startups to showcase at Hyperion Lab for the next 6 months.  

The first to join the lab are 8 startups that represent the latest AI and HPC technologies in the sectors of health, agritech, smart cities, and entertainment. Each startup is a member of NVIDIA Inception, which nurtures startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data science Hyperion Lab and its partners will support these entrepreneurs by providing them with showcase space, sustainable cloud compute, expertise, and community.

Startups will pitch at the lab’s monthly events, where they will have a chance to connect with investors, key ecosystem partners, and talent. The first event is the Hyperion Lab kickoff party happening on October14, following its panel discussion at World Summit AI on “Building an AIEcosystem,” where Oliviana Bailey, Head of Community and Brand at EscherCloud and Women in AI Ambassador; Kevin Smith, CTO at EscherCloud; Carlo Ruiz, EMEA Director at NVIDIA; and Aik van Eemeren, AI Lead at the City of Amsterdam’s ChiefInnovation Office will discuss the lab’s ambitions and why ecosystems are vital for AI technology development.

Here is a first look at the 8 startups to showcase between October 2021 - March 2022:  

Dimenco– Veldhoven, Netherlands
Dimenco developed the Simulated Reality Display — the world's most immersive 3D Technology without the need for any wearables.

Natuition– La Rochelle, France
Natuition developed ecological weed removal robot for sport pitches, embedded AI powered computer vision helps to make big step in chemical free sport fields management.

Sateleads – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Sateleads aims to democratize satellite data insights by providing understandable consumer-facing insights that established businesses can easily integrate into their products using an API. Sateleads is the winner of theNetherlands and EU CASSINI Hackathon, locally hosted by EscherCloud.

Nobi– Antwerp, Belgium

Nobi enables elderly people to live at their desired place for as long as possible. With its smart lamps, Nobi detects & prevents falls and enables two-way communication to get in touch with contact family or caregivers if needed.

Ellogon– Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ellogon is using AI to deliver personalized immunotherapy by generating diagnostic and prognostic reports on histopathological and genomic data that are necessary for medical researchers in assessing responses to the treatment.

MADO XR– Paris, France
MADO XR is revolutionizing photo and film production using virtual production technology. The startup is operating France’s largest LED CaveVirtual Production Studio.  

Syntho– Amsterdam, Netherlands

Syntho enables organizations to boost data-driven innovation in a privacy-preserving manner, by providing AI software for generating synthetic data.

UbiOps  – Amsterdam, Netherlands
UbiOps is a fully managed deployment and serving platform for ML& AI algorithms and data processing code.

If you're interested in finding out more about the startups or the Hyperion Lab, register and join the opening party on October 14, starting at 6pm.

If you are interested in showcasing at Hyperion Lab startingApril 2022, submit your interest at info@hyperionlab.nl and the Hyperion team will get back to you.

If you are looking for an event space for your AI or HPC related event, the lab is offering free access from now until January 2022. You can contact the team at events@hyperionlab.nl.



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