Meet the startups alumni of the first & second edition of Hyperion Lab program:


Veldhoven, Netherlands

Dimenco developed the Simulated Reality Display — the world's most immersive 3D Technology without the need for any wearables.


La Rochelle, France

Natuition developed an ecological weed removal robot for sport pitches, embedded AI powered computer vision helps to make big steps in chemical free sport fields management.


Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sateleads aims to democratize satellite data insights by providing understandable consumer-facing insights that established businesses can easily integrate into their products using an API. Sateleads is the winner of theNetherlands and EU CASSINI Hackathon, locally hosted by EscherCloud.


Antwerp, Belgium

Nobi enables elderly people to live at their desired place for as long as possible. With its smart lamps, Nobi detects & prevents falls and enables two-way communication to get in touch with contact family or caregivers if needed.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ellogon is using AI to deliver personalized immunotherapy by generating diagnostic and prognostic reports on histopathological and genomic data that are necessary for medical researchers in assessing responses to the treatment.


Paris, France

MADO XR is revolutionizing photo and film production using virtual production technology. The startup is operating France’s largest LED CaveVirtual Production Studio.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Syntho enables organizations to boost data-driven innovation in a privacy-preserving manner, by providing AI software for generating synthetic data.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

UbiOps is a fully managed deployment and serving platform for ML& AI algorithms and data processing code.

Eva Engines

Paris, France

Eva Engines has developed an AI technology capable of transforming a sketch into a realistic model in seconds. It is integrated into a SaaS platform, offering various business and collaborative functionalities intended to accelerate product creation, reduce collection costs and the number of prototypes.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

BranchKey is a collaborative platform for Artificial Intelligence. Through federated learning environments, data scientists can deliver better services and products to end users by collaborating safely. The platform serves as a communication medium that connects every data processing intelligence agent, allowing them to share the information they learn with every other agent in the universe.


Eindhoven, Netherlands

LabelFuse enables security operators to automatically capture and analyse context specific incidents from any connected camera in realtime to prevent and track asset damage before it occurs with AI.

Tekle Holographics

Hilversum, Netherlands

Tekle Holographics builds software for real-time holographic images, it can create lifelike 3D experiences for the metaverse. Users can participate in this immersive setup without a headset.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

KIMO is building the next revolution in education. Today, the KIMO system is able to self-organise learning content on the web into coherent topics and sub-topics, providing users guidance in the world of work in the 21st century.


Tallin, Estonia

Fyma is the first and only self-setup computer vision AI platform in the world. It was set up from the drive to make AI accessible to everyone. Fyma allows city planners to measure mobility analytics using computer vision, providing valuable information on movement and behavioural patterns.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

OMRT is a tech scale-up that has built a deep tech design platform for real estate development. The product is a collection of architectural designs, physics, finance and material modules connected within one digital brain. It can analyse and predict building designs to create an optimised built environment, wasting less energy and resources.

Macco Robotics

Malaga, Spain

Macco is a Spanish food tech company focused on the development and manufacture of products and processes based on robotics and artificial intelligence. Macco designs and creates humanoid waiter robots with a Spanish design that can prepare and serve food and beverages safely, take orders from kitchen or bar to tables and disinfect spaces.

Deeplo AI

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Deeplo AI created a hiring platform enable with AI in 2021 that makes it easier for tech candidates to find jobs and understand their skills gap, while also offering a solution to companies with a shortage of skilled tech professionals.

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