About Hyperion Lab

Powered by NVIDIA and Eschercloud, Hyperion Lab
was born to implement green AI solutions that benefit
and inspire as many people and organizations as
possible by providing a creative space for green AI
collaboration, testing, training and more.

Hardware and Expertise

By providing EscherCloud and NVIDIA's hardware and expertise, our ecosystem of AI and HPC innovators can leverage a high-performance AI R&D environment for their initiatives, building game-changing applications instead of wrestling with platform complexity.
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Showcase and Innovation

The Lab showcases 8 to 10 promising AI & HPC startups every six months to highlight the latest technologies across industries. The program helps these entrepreneurs connect with investors, key ecosystem partners, and talent and provides them with showcase space, sustainable cloud compute, expertise, and community.
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Learning and networking

In collaboration with our partners and the ecosystem, the Lab hosts regular AI & HPC related events, trainings, and meet-ups for the community.
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Ambition and future

The Lab aims to be the go-to place for international AI and HPC technologies to come together as it scales from one floor at StARTwell, a mixed hub located in Amsterdam-Southeast, to a large area development in the future smart city plans of Amsterdam-Southeast over the next several years.
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Team and talent

The Lab unites the brightest minds in AI & HPC. From early-stage entrepreneurs to serial founders, our community works together to solve the world's complex problems of the future. Our community houses some of the smartest people around, so the members working at the Lab are as much of a reason to join us as the lively space we offer.
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Collaborate, experiment, and learn with some of the brightest minds in the AI and & HPC ecosystem.
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